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The  Logout (35=5) message both initiates and confirms the termination of a Drop Copy connection. When the client system sends a Logout (35=5) message, Drop Copy sends a Logout Confirmation (tag 35-MsgType=5) message and terminates the session.

After sending a Logout (35=5) message, the client system should wait for a Logout Confirmation (35=5) message before closing the socket connection.

CME Globex also sends a Logout (35=5) message when it detects an error contained in the message sent by a client system. For example, if the client system submits an invalid password, it is logged out.

The following figure illustrates a successful logout scenario where the client system sends a Logout message and CME Globex responds with a Logout message.

Drop Copy Logout

Logout Where Sequence Number Is Lower Than Expected

If the client system sends a Logout (35=5) message with tag 34-MsgSeqNum containing a lower sequence number than CME Globex is expecting, CME Globex automatically logs out the client system.

The following diagram illustrates this message flow.

Drop Copy Logout Low Sequence Number

Logout Where Sequence Number Is Higher Than Expected

The following diagram illustrates the message flow for a Logout scenario where the client's outbound sequence number is higher than what CME Globex is expecting.

Drop Copy Logout Sequence Number High

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