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Download the Software

Once the licensing step is complete, the CME Margin Software Support Team will permission you to download the software from CME CORE. 

Note that the downloading process is the exact same for Batch and Service modes; they come in the same software package.

To log into CME CORE, a CME Groug Login is required.

If you do not have one, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the CME CORE login screen
  2. Click on the "Need to Register" link and provide the required information.
  3. Receive your CME Group Login and activation email
  4. Please reach to with any questions about creating a CME Group Login. 

Once you have created a CME Group Login, please log into CME CORE and go to the download center

Scroll down to find the software and download the relevant files 

Supported OS Platforms

Windows 7 64-bit

Windows 8 64-bit

Red Hat Enterprise v. 6.6 or higher

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Multi Core x64 Workstation or Server



Unpack the Installation Package into a directory of your choice.

Test the Installation

Batch Mode

  • Copy "RiskData" file to the MarketData Directory
  • Copy a sample upload template "IRSSimpleUpload.csv" from the "/SampleData" directory to the "/Portfolios" Directory
  • Run the batch process command IRSBatch.exe to test batch mode processing

Service Mode

Windows Explorer

In the directory the service is installed, place the risk data file (name) from the "SampleData" Directory to the "MarketData" Directory (make sure the risk data file is still zipped)

The service can be started by running irsServiceMode in the installed directory

By default, the service will load the most recent risk data file from the Market Data directory

Upon successful installation, the service will start up and Initialization will complete successfully as seen in the screenshot below: 



Set Permissions on Executable Files:

chmod a+x IrsWebServer

Sample test page

Start service with IRS Risk Data file

Go to the /home directory and open the index web page 

Users may enter sample service request into browser which will send the request to the service and process the response

Sample Service Request Messages may be found in /Samples 


Possible reasons for failed portfolios include the following:

In service mode, any unwanted characters such as extra spaces, can cause error when running margin.

Pay attention to formatting.

Supported Formats

Deployable Margin software supports "csv" and "FIXML" formats. "FPML" is not currently supported.

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