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FIX TagField NameFIXML Attribute NameData TypeDescriptionNew for BrokerTecOMnet MappingGenium FIX MappingSupported Values
908CollRptIDRptIDStringCollateral Report Identifier

894CollReqIDReqIDStringCollateral Request Identifier

20048CollateralAllocationIDCollIDStringGlobally unique identifier of the collateral allocation.

20049CollateralAllocationNumberCollNoStringHuman-readable identifier for the collateral allocation.

20051OriginalCollateralAllocationIDOrigCollIDStringIn a substitution, this is the CollID of the allocation that was substituted.

20052OriginalCollateralAllocationNumberOrigCollNoStringIn a substitution, this is the CollNo of the allocation that was substituted.

60TransactTimeTxnTmUTCTimestampTimestamp when the business transaction represented by the message occurred.
created_date_s + created_time_s

779LastUpdateTimeLastUpdateTmUTCTimestampTimestamp of last update to data item (or creation if no updates made since creation).
modified_date_s + modified_time_s

20012CollateralReportTransactionTypeTransTypStringTransaction type of the Collateral Report

1 - Trade registered

2 - Allocation registered

3 - Substitution registered

6 - Trade is cancelled

7 - Substitution/allocation cancelled

8 - Replace

910CollStatusStatintCollateral Status

0 - Unassigned
3 - Assigned (Accepted)
1001 - Substituted

1002 - Cancelled

20015TradeCollateralStatusTrdCollStatStringCollateral status of the trade.

0 - Unallocated
1 - Partially allocated
2 - Fully allocated

20016MaximumCollateralCountMaxCollIntMaximum number of different securities that can be allocated to the trade.

1040SecondaryTradeIDTrdID2StringUsed to carry an internal trade entity ID which may or may not be reported to the firm

53QuantityQtyQtyQuantity allocated in this Allocation Item

54SideSidecharSide of order

1 - Buy
2 - Sell

44PricePxPricePrice per unit of quantity (e.g. per share)

20050DirtyPriceDirtPxPriceDirty price

159AccruedInterestAmtAcrdIntAmtAmtAmount of Accrued Interest for convertible bonds and fixed income

921StartCashStartCshAmtStarting dirty cash consideration of a financing deal, i.e. paid to the seller on the Start Date.

922EndCashEndCshAmtEnding dirty cash consideration of a financing deal. i.e. reimbursed to the buyer on the End Date.

20054TotalStartCashTotStartCshAmtTotal start cash of the trade.

20053TotalEndCashTotEndCshAmtTotal end cash of the trade.

715ClearingBusinessDateBizDtLocalMktDateThe "Clearing Business Date" referred to by this maintenance request.

75TradeDateTrdDtLocalMktDateIndicates date of trade referenced in this message in YYYYMMDD format. Absence of this field indicates current day (expressed in local time at place of trade).

20028SubstitutionIndicatorSubIndStringIndicates the status of the substitution.

2 - Original
3 - Substitution
4 - Remainder

20031SubstitutionsRemainingSubRmngintNumber of remaining rights of substitution.


Free format text field. Supported as follows, depending on source:

  • CME Globex: Supported for all Globex-entered trades.
  • CME Direct: Supports the Memo field value for the non-alleged counterparty when there is an allege and a claim. If both sides allege, then the Memo field is supported on both sides.
  • CME ClearPort GUI: Supports the Memo field value for the non-alleged counterparty.
  • CME ClearPort API:
    • For single-sided submissions, supports the Memo field value for the non-alleged counterparty when there is an allege and a claim. If both sides allege, then the Memo field is supported on both sides.
    • For dual-sided submissions, the Memo field supported on either or both sides, depending on the API submission. A note can be submitted for buy side and the sell side, and they can be different notes.


20056SettlementTradeIDSettlTrdIDStringTrade identifier as assigned by BrokerTec Clearing.

30LastMktLastMktExchangeMarket of execution for last fill, or an indication of the market where an order was routed.New field



55→SymbolSymStringTicker symbol. Common, "human understood" representation of the security. SecurityID (48) value can be specified if no symbol exists (e.g. non-exchange traded Collective Investment Vehicles)Use "[N/A]" for products which do not have a symbol.

48→SecurityIDIDStringThe Clearing Product ID.

22→SecurityIDSourceSrcStringIdentifies class or source of the SecurityID value.

4 - ISIN number

H - Clearing House / Clearing Organization

167→SecurityTypeSecTypStringIndicates type of security. Security type enumerations are grouped by Product(460) field value. NOTE: Additional values may be used by mutual agreement of the counterparties.

BOND - Bond (generic)

EUSOV - Euro Sovereigns

EUSUP - Euro Supranational Coupons

FUT - Future

REPO - Repurchase

SOV - UK Gilt

SUPRA - USD Supranational Coupons

TINT - Interest Strip

TB - Treasury Bill - non US

TBA - To Be Announced

TIPS - Treasury Inflation Protected Security

TBILL - US Treasury Bill

TBOND - US Treasury Bond

TNOTE - US Treasury Note

FAC - US Federal Agency Coupon

TFRN - US Treasury Floating Rate Note

107→SecurityDescDescStringCan be used to provide an optional textual description for a financial

37513→GUIDGUIDStringGlobally unique identifier.


916→StartDateStartDtLocalMktDateStart date of a financing deal, i.e. the date the buyer pays the seller cash and takes control of the collateral

917→EndDateEndDtLocalMktDateEnd date of a financing deal, i.e. the date the seller reimburses the buyer and takes back control of the collateral


1903→RegulatoryTradeIDIDStringRegulatory Trade ID. Will be used to communicate the Unique Swap Identifier associated with a trade execution as required by the CFTC.

1905→RegulatoryTradeIDSourceSrcStringID of reporting entity assigned by regulatory agency.

1904→RegulatoryTradeIDEventEvntintEvent causing origination of the ID. For combinations, use the higher enumeration value. E.g. for Allocation plus Clearing use the value 2.

0 - Initial block trade
1906→RegulatoryTradeIDTypeTypintPosition of ID in trade hierarchy.New value: 5

0 - Current (the default)

5 - Trading venue transaction identifier


1651→RelatedSecurityIDSourceSrcStringIdentifies class or source of the RelatedSecurityID (1650) value.

4 - ISIN

1649→RelatedSymbolSymStringSymbol of the related security.

1650→RelatedSecurityIDIDStringRelated security identifier. Value of RelatedSecurityIDSource (1651) type.
Depending on SecTyp and Src values this can be is_cusip, isin_code_s, subst_isin_code_s

1652→RelatedSecurityTypeSecTypStringSecurity type of the related instrument.

GC - General Collateral

SUB - Substituted Collateral

20055→RelatedSecurityGUIDGUIDStringGlobally unique identifier of the security