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Commission Basis Basis intIndicates the method used to calculate broker fees.1 - Per Unit (implying shares, par, currency, etc.)

2 - Percent

8 - Amount per contract

Commission Amount Amt AmtThe total commission amount.
Commission Amount Type TypintType of Commission.Value = 0.
Commission Currency Ccy CurrencyCurrency of broker fees. Default is USD.
Commission Unit of Measure UOM StringUnit of measure for computing the broker fees. Used when Basis = Per Unit.Alw - Allowances

BDFT - Board feet

Bbl - Barrels

Bcf - Billion cubic feet

Bu - Bushels

CBM - Cubic Meters

CER - Certified Emissions Reduction

CRT - Climate Reserve Tonnes

Ccy - Amount of currency

EnvCrd - Environmental Credit

EnvOfst - Environmental Offset

GJ - Gigajoules

GT - Gross Tons
Also known as long tons or imperial tons, equal to 2240 lbs

Gal - Gallons

IPNT - Index point

L - Liters

MMBtu - One Million BTU

MMbbl - Million Barrels

MW-M - Megawatt-Month (electrical capacity)

MWh - Megawatt hours

PRINC - Principal with relation to debt instrument

cwt - Hundredweight (US)

day - Days

dt - Dry metric tons

g - Grams

kL - Kiloliters

kW-M - Kilowatt-Month (electrical capacity)

kWh - Kilowatt hours

kg - Kilograms

lbs - pounds

oz_tr - Troy Ounces

t - Metric Tons (aka Tonne)

thm - Therms

tn - Tons (US)

Commission Unit of Measure Currency UOMCcy CurrencyUnit of measure currency for computing the broker fees. Used when Unit of Measure = Ccy.
Commission RateRt floatRate used to calculate broker fees. For example, $1 per contract, or $0.01 per barrel.
Commission Leg Ref IDLegRefIDStringTrade leg identifier. Indicates that the broker fees apply to a specific trade leg. For a spread with broker fees specified, this field is present for each leg.