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CME STP calculates Quantity using variables specific to the given product (for example, MMBTu for Natural Gas) and sends this value in trade reporting messages. The table below shows quantity calculation examples for STP supported product types. 

Product InstrumentQuantity Entered in ClearportTrdgQty in STP Original Unit of Measure selected in Clearport OrigTmUnit in STPMultMMY MonthDays Billable in MonthQty or LastQty
(Contracts per Leg  or Outright)
Natural GasNN65,00065,000MMBtu/calendar dayD2500September30Qty = (TrdgQty/Mult)*Number of Days in Month
780 = (65,000/2,500)*30
Natural GasNN 65,00065,000MMBtu/monthMo2500October31Qty = (TrdgQty/Mult)
26 = 65,000/2500
PowerKA 125125

See NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) Holiday Schedule
Total MwH for Month= TrdgQty*Hours per Day*Number of Billable Days in Month
44,000 = 125*16*22

Qty = Total MwH for Month/ Mult
110 = 44,000/400
Crude OilAO (WTI Average Price Option Combo)1,0001,000,000Contracts/MonthMo1,000September
Crude OilAO (WTI Average Price Option Combo)31,00031,000Barrels/MonthMo1,000October
Qty = Total Barrels for Month/ Mult
31 = 31,000/1,000
Crude OilAO (WTI Average Price Option Combo)1,0001,000Barrels/calendar dayD1,000December31Total Barrels for Month=TrdgQty * Number of Days in Month

Qty = Total Barrels for Month/ Mult
GrainsBSW5,440N/AMetric tons/ MonthN/A136December
Qty = Total Tons for Month/ Mult
40 =5,440/136
GrainsBSW5,440N/AContracts/ MonthN/A136December
FinancialED4,000N/AContracts/ MonthN/A2,500September

Qty = Total USD for Month/ Notional
50,000 = 50,000,000,000/ 1,000,000

Note: Per Contract Specs, Notional value is 1,000,000

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