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/TrdCaptRpt/RptSide/RegTrdID (repeating)

FIX TagField NameFIXML Attribute NameData TypeDescriptionNew for BrokerTecOMnet MappingGenium FIX MappingSupported Values
10027Side Regulatory Trade ID ID StringRegulatory Trade ID for the trade side. Will be used to communicate the Universal Swap Identifier (USI) or Unique Trade Identifier (UTI) associated with a cleared trade. 

  • If bilateral trade (1832=0) indicates Unique Trade Identifier (UTI)
  • If Centrally Cleared trade (1832=1) it indicates the Report Tracking Number (RTN).

Note: Only applies to EU Repos

10028Side Regulatory Trade ID Source Src StringID of reporting entity assigned by regulatory agency.

10029Side Regulatory Trade ID Event Evnt intEvent causing origination of the ID, e.g. Clearing.

0 - Initial block trade

2 - Clearing

10030Side Regulatory Trade ID Type Typ intThe type of Regulatory Trade ID being sent.

0 - Current (the default)
5 - Trading venue transaction identifier
10031Side Regulatory Leg Reference ID LegRefID StringWhen reporting the USI or UTI of a spread or strategy, this indicates the leg number that the USI or UTI references, as communicated in the LegNo field.

10032Side Regulatory Trade ID Scope Scope intIncluded when a trade must be assigned more than one identifier, e.g. one for the clearing member and another for the client on a cleared trade as with the principal model in Europe.

1 - Clearing member

2 - Client