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The following section describes the startup procedures for the CME Group support tools for a DR event.

For the following applications:

In a DR recovery scenario, the following conditions apply.

Normal Production Processing

Functioning normally.

DR Event

As quickly as feasible, GCC will declare a DR event using the notification procedure. The application will also display an alert. All existing sessions are terminated by CME Group.

DR Event with CME Network Routing

After notification by GCC that the CME Globex DR environment is available, the client will be able to log in. The URL will remain the same.

Connection to the DR Environment

Sign in with the appropriate ID. The application is ready to display orders entered into the DR environment.

FirmSoft application data will contain the current week and the prior week data.

Return to Production

GCC will notify customers when the DR event is resolved and the timeframe for connecting back to the Production environment. This reconnection to the Production environment will be a scheduled procedure with sufficient notification time.