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This topic describes the recovery process in the event that CME Globex transitions to the DR environment.

The figure below represents the data centers that support the CME Globex Production and the Disaster Recovery environments.

A CME Globex DR event occurs when CME Group switches client system processing from the CME Globex Production environment (CME Aurora) to the CME Globex New York Data Center DR (CME NYDC) environment. This environment provides a redundant standby system upon the failure or abnormal termination of the CME Globex Production environment.


If a disaster event occurs, CME Group has divided a timeline of the process into four states. Using these states, CME Group describes information about the products and services, capabilities and limitations that will occur for a disaster event.

DR Timeline

Disaster Recovery Event Notification

CME Global Command Center (GCC) implements procedures to enhance information sharing with customers and staff in emergency situations. If the CME Group determines that a DR event has occurred, the GCC provides DR event notification to:

  • Registered Contacts
  • Non-Registered Contacts Enrolled in GCC Notifications

    GCC posts a message about the event on the web site.

Registered Contacts

To become a registered contact, you must complete Schedule 3&4, and be approved by the clearing firm administration. This service allows you to contact the GCC directly for order status and cancellation support. Registered contacts may contact the  CME Global Command Center.

GCC Targeted Messaging (Non-Registered Contacts)

Registered contacts with the GCC are automatically subscribed to GCC targeted messaging. Non registered contacts can enroll by sending their name, email address and firm to Messages are sent via email, SMS text, cell and land line phones and updates are posted to the CME Group website for CME Globex market halts.

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