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Technical Overview

CME EConnect is a client-managed connectivity solution providing access to the CME Globex platform along with access to the CME Clearing production environments from CME’s points of presence (POPs) in New York and New Jersey. Customers are able to order circuits directly to the CME POPs.

EConnect customer circuits must be ordered to the Meet Me Room (MMR) within the CME POP. For more details to trade CME Group products via this connectivity method, contact your Globex Account Manager (GAM).

Circuit Specifications
  • 1 Gbps hand-off
  • 10 Gbps hand-off
  • Single Mode Fiber
  • 1G-LR (1GBASE-LH)
  • 10G-LR (10GBASE-LR)
  • 1310nm wavelength

CME EConnect connectivity provides access to:

  • CME Globex Platform, which includes:
    • CME Market Data Platform
    • CME iLink® order routing interface
  • CME Clearing House Systems

Figure: EConnect Connectivity

Complete CME Globex Access Forms

For CME EConnect customers, a series of forms for access to the production environment called the CME Connection Agreement must be completed, submitted, and approved. The connectivity information on these forms will forwarded to a CME network engineer. These forms and instructions for completion are available at Please contact Global Account Management (GAM) with any additional questions.

For new customers requesting connectivity, the following forms are required:

  • Schedule 1 – CME Connection Agreement
  • Schedule 2 – Access Request and Information Form
  • Schedule 6 – Clearing Firm Guarantee & Acknowledgement
  • Market Data License Agreement

For existing customers requesting changes to their connectivity, the following form is required:

  • Schedule 5 – Additions, Deletions and Changes

For existing customers requesting connectivity at a new location, the following form is required:

  • Schedule 2 – Access Request and Information Form
CME Globex EConnect Connectivity Procedures

Upon successful validation of the circuit and site acceptance by CME Group, the customer is responsible for the following procedures:

  • Activating the multicast stream
  • Configuring the customer application on the arbitration server
  • Configuring routers
  • Configuring the rendezvous point’s IP address
  • Configuring a fixed path between each router and corresponding CME data center
  • Validating that the listener server is receiving data from the correct source

econnect routers

Figure: Configuring Routers for CME Globex EConnect Offering

Activate the Multicast Stream

To activate the multicast stream, please contact Global Account Management (GAM).

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