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CME EConnect is a client-managed connectivity solution providing access to the CME Globex platform along with access to the CME Clearing production environments from CME’s points of presence (POPs) in New York and New Jersey. Customers are able to order circuits directly to the CME POPs - NY4, NY5, 111 8th Ave. and 165 Halsey. 

CME EConnect service also offers clients in the locations mentioned above connectivity to BrokerTec and EBS US and EU markets located in Secaucus, NJ and Slough, UK. EConnect customers are required to have separate connectivity to access CME Group, BrokerTec and EBS. 

A new service, EConnect - NY5, is available in Secaucus providing Equinix International Business Exchange ("IBX") Licensed Space customers convenient cross connect access to BrokerTec markets. There are separate links highlighting the technical details of EConnect services.

EConnect customer circuits must be ordered to the Meet Me Room (MMR) within the CME POP. 

For more details to trade CME Group products via this connectivity method, contact your Globex Account Manager (GAM).

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