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SecurityRequestID ReqID StringUnique ID of a Security Definition Request. 
SecurityRequestType ReqTyp intType of Security Definition Request.100 - List of CPC Product Families

101 - Option Series with Product Family info

102 - Option Series without Product Family Info

103 - Futures contracts with Product Families

104 - Futures Contracts without Product Family info

105 - Spreads (underlying OCC's)
StandardHeader Hdr  
Instrument Instrmt  
→ SecurityID ID StringSymbol used for identifying the product in CME ClearPort and in Clearing. If specified on Multi-leg submissions it will be ignored. 
→ SecurityIDSource Src StringUsed for specifying source of the Security ID.H - Clearing House / Clearing Organization

→ SecurityType SecTyp StringIndicates type of security. Security type enumerations are grouped by Product(460) field value. NOTE: Additional values may be used by mutual agreement of the counterparties.FUT - Future

FWD - Forward

IRS - Interest Rate Swap

MLEG - Multi Leg (Combo)

OOC - Options on Combo

OOF - Options on Futures
→ SecurityExchange Exch ExchangeNeeded to specify Product Exchange of the Security (symbol may clash).CBT - Chicago Board of Trade

CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

COMEX - Commodities Exchange, Inc

DME - Dubai Mercantile Exchange

NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange


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