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ReportID RptID StringCME ClearPort generates this to uniquely identify each response (across the entire platform).
RequestID ReqID StringRepeats back the ReqID the user specifies on the request to uniquely identify and tie together their specific request/response pair.
RequestResult ReqRslt intReturns feedback based on the request.0 - Valid request

1 - Invalid or unsupported request

2 - No data found that match selection criteria

3 - Not authorized to retrieve data

Text Txt StringText further explaining the Request Result.
StandardHeader Hdr
PartyEntitlementGrp (repeating) PtyEntlmnt
→ PartyDetailGrp (repeating) PtyDetl
→→ PartyID ID StringValue for a sepcified Party Role.
→→ PartyIDSource Src charUsed for specifying source of the Party ID.C - Generally accepted market participant identifier

→→ PartyRole R intIndicates the role of the party/parties being defined.17 - Contra Firm

24 - Customer Account

→ PartyDetailAltIDGrp (repeating)AltPty
→→ AltPtyIDID
StringValue for a specified Alternate Party ID (alias)
→→ SourceSrcCharUsed for specifying source of the Alternate Party ID.H - Account alias
→→ PtysSubGrp (repeating) Sub
→→→ PartySubID ID StringValue for a specified Party Role.
→→→ PartySubIDType Typ intIndicates the actual name of the related party being defined.5 - Full legal name of firm

→→ RelatedPartyDetailGrp (repeating) ReltdPtyDetl
→→→ RelatedPartyID ID StringSpecific value for a specified related Party Role.
→→→ PartyIDSource Src charUsed for specifying source of the Party ID.C - Generally accepted market participant identifier

→→→ RelatedPartyRole R intIndicates the role of the related parties being defined. Note: 7 is used for both Trading Firm/Asset Manager Firm ID when querying reference data.

1 - Executing Firm

7 - Trading (Entering) Firm

29 - Trading Sub Account Firm

30 - Inter Dealer Broker

→→→ PartyRelationships (repeating) Rltnshp
→→→→ PartyRelationship Rltnshp intIndicates the relationship between the defined party and the related party.

1 - Clears for

2 - Clears through

6 - Sponsored through

12 - Participant of marketplace

22 - Brokers trades through

25 - Approves of

32 - Is controlled by

33 - Trading Sub Account

36 - Owned by (beneficial)

→ EntitlementGrp (repeating) Entlmnt
→→ Indicator Ind BooleanIndicates the Account or Firm is entitled to the following products or group of products.
Supported Value:
Y =Yes

→→ Type Typ intIndicates the Entitlements block is used to define what can trade.0 - Trade

→→ InstrumentScopeGrp (repeating) InstrmtScope
→→→ Operation Oper intOperator to perform on the instrument(s) specified.1 - Include

→→→ SecurityID ID StringSymbol used for identifying the product in CME ClearPort and in Clearing.
→→→ SecurityIDSource Src StringUsed for specifying source of the Security ID.H - Clearing House / Clearing Organization

→→→ SecurityType SecTyp StringUsed to limit instrument scope to specified security type.FUT - Future

FWD - Forward

IRS - Interest Rate Swap

MLEG - Multi Leg (Combo)

OOC - Options on Combo

OOF - Options on Futures

OPT - Option
→→→ SecurityExchange Exch ExchangeNeeded to specify Product Exchange of the Security (symbol may clash).CBT - Chicago Board of Trade

CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

COMEX - Commodities Exchange, Inc

DME - Dubai Mercantile Exchange

NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange

StandardTrailer Trlr

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