Field NameFIXML Attribute NameData TypeDescriptionRequired for Transaction TypeRequired for Security TypeRequired for Asset ClassRequired for Outright or SpreadSupported Values
Request ID ReqID StringIdentifier for the trade request ALLALLBoth 
Trade ID TrdID StringThe unique ID assigned to the trade entity once it is received or matched by the exchange or central counterparty.     
Request Type ReqTyp intType of Trade Reports being requested. ALLALLBoth0 - All Trades

1 - Matched trades matching criteria provided on request (Parties, ExecID, TradeID, OrderID, Instrument, InputSource, etc.)

2 - Unmatched or Pending Trades

4 - Alleged Trades

Execution ID ExecID StringIn electronically matched trades, the Execution Id is assigned to each fill by the match engine. In a privately negotiated trade the execution id identifies the deal id and is provided by the trading platform to identify the deal.     
Client Order ID ClOrdID StringUnique identifier for Order as assigned by the buy-side (institution, broker, intermediary etc.) (identified by SenderCompID (49) or OnBehalfOfCompID (5) as appropriate). Uniqueness must be guaranteed within a single trading day. Firms, particularly those that electronically submit multi-day orders, trade globally or throughout market close periods, should ensure uniqueness across days, for example by embedding a date within the ClOrdID field.     
Secondary Execution ID ExecID2 StringThis is used to communicate the execution ID of the originating platform.     
Source Trade ID SrcTrdID StringThe Trade request for the specified Source Trade ID.     
StandardHeader Hdr  
→ Sender ID SID StringThis attribute identifies the party or the Submitter of the message. The value is assigned by CME. ALLALLBoth 
→ Target ID TID StringThis attribute identifies the receiver of the message. This must be set to CME. ALLALLBoth 
→ MsgSeqNum SeqNum SeqNum(Can be embedded within encrypted data section.)     
→ Sender Qualifier SSub StringThis attribute qualifies the Sender. The user ID assigned to the sender must be provided. ALLALLBoth 
→ Target Qualifier TSub StringThis qualifies the receiver of the message. For CME ClearPort Trade submission this must be set to CPAPI. ALLALLBoth 
Parties (repeating) Pty  
→ Party ID ID StringUsed to identify the Party.     
→ Party Role R intIndicates the type of Party or the role of the party in the Party Block.    7 - Trading (Entering) Firm

30 - Inter Dealer Broker

49 - Asset Manager

TrdCapDtGrp (repeating) TrdCapDt  
→ Trade Date TrdDt LocalMktDateRequest the trades for the trade date specified in the request. ALLALLBoth 

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