Field NameFIXML Attribute NameData TypeDescriptionPresent for Security TypePresent for Asset ClassPresent for Outright or SpreadSupported Values
Message ID RptID StringA Message ID to identify the Trade Capture Report Request Acknowledgement.ALLALLBoth 
Request ID ReqID StringIdentifier for the Trade Capture Report Request.ALLALLBoth 
Request Result ReqRslt intResult of Trade RequestALLALLBoth99 - Other

Request Status ReqStat intStatus of Trade RequestALLALLBoth1 - Completed

2 - Rejected

Request Result Description Txt StringText field indicating the reason for the reject.ALLALLBoth 
StandardHeader Hdr  
→ Sender ID SID StringThis attribute identifies the party or the Submitter of the message. This is set to CME.ALLALLBoth 
→ Target ID TID StringThis attribute identifies the receiver of the message. This could be a Broker or Platform or any other valid Trading entity. This value is pre-assigned by CME.ALLALLBoth 
→ MsgSeqNum SeqNum SeqNum(Can be embedded within encrypted data section.)    
→ Sender Qualifier SSub StringThis attribute qualifies the Sender. For messages sent by the CME ClearPort API this is set to CPAPI.ALLALLBoth 
→ Target Qualifier TSub StringThis qualifies the receiver of the message. This is set to the CME ClearPort UserID of the Sender.ALLALLBoth