/TrdCaptRpt/RptSide/Alloc (repeating)

Field NameFIXML Attribute NameData TypeDescriptionPresent for Security TypePresent for Asset ClassPresent for Outright or SpreadSupported Values
Allocator Assigned Allocation ID IndAllocID StringIdentifies the allocation ID provided by the allocator.    
Allocation Qty Qty QtyQuantity to be allocated to specific sub-account
(Prior to FIX 4.2 this field was of type int)
Allocation CTI CustCpcty StringCan be used for granular reporting of separate allocation detail within a single trade report or allocation message.    
CCP Assigned Allocation ID IndAllocID2 StringProvides support for an intermediary assigned allocation ID    
Status Stat intIdentifies the status of the allocation.   0 - Pending Clear

1 - Claimed

2 - Cleared

3 - Rejected

Allocation Reference Risk Limit Check ID RefRiskLmtChkID StringIndicates the credit approval token for pre-approved trades reported on Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs).    
Contra Amount CalcCcyLastQty QtyUsed for the calculated quantity of the other side of the currency trade.    
AllocRegulatoryTradeIDGrp (repeating) RegTrdID  
→ Allocation Regulatory Trade ID ID StringRegulatory trade identifier. The Universal Swap Identifier assicated with the allocated trade.    
→ Allocation Regulatory Trade ID Source Src StringIdentifier of the reporting entity assigned by regulatory agency.    
→ Allocation Regulatory Trade ID Event Evnt intEvent causing the origination of the identifier. For combinations of events, use the higher enumeration value. E.g. for Allocation plus Clearing use the value 2.   0 - Initial block trade

1 - Allocation (or determination that the block trade will not be further allocated)

2 - Clearing

→ Allocation Regulatory Trade ID Type Typ intType of Regulatory Trade ID being sent.   0 - Current (the default)

1 - Previous (e.g. when reporting a cleared trade or novation of a previous trade)

2 - Block (e.g. when reporting an allocated subtrade)

→ Allocation Regulatory Trade ID Scope Scope intIncluded when a trade must be assigned more than one identifier, e.g. one for the clearing member and another for the client on a cleared trade as with the principal model in Europe. Omit if scope does not apply to this instance.   1 - Clearing member

2 - Client

NestedParties2 (repeating) Pty  
→ Target Party ID ID StringThe Party ID of the party taking up the allocation.    
→ Target Party ID Source Src charThe Party ID Source of the party taking up the allocation.   C - Generally accepted market participant identifier

D - Proprietary / Custom code

H - Clearing house participant/member code


→ Target Party Role R intThe Party role of the party taking up the allocation.   1 - Executing Firm

7 - Trading (Entering) Firm

17 - Contra Firm

24 - Customer Account

30 - Inter Dealer Broker

36 - Entering trader

37 - Contra trader

44 - Order Entry Operator ID

49 - Asset Manager

62 - Report originator

→ NstdPtys2SubGrp (repeating) Sub  
→→ Target Party Qualifier ID StringThe qualifier of the Allocated to Party.
Where Sub/@Typ = 26
1 = Customer
2 = House
→→ Target Party Qualifier Type Typ intType of Nested2PartySubID (760) value. Second instance of <NestedParties>.
Same values as PartySubIDType (803)
   1 - Firm

3 - System

5 - Full legal name of firm

9 - Contact name

26 - Account type or Origin

49 - Reporting entity indicator

TradeAllocAmtGrp (repeating) Amt  
→ Allocation Amount Type Typ StringThe type of amount being associated with the allocation.   CRES - Cash Residual Amount

ICPN - Initial Trade Coupon Amount

IPMT - Upfront Payment

TVAR - Trade Variation Amount

→ Allocation Amount Amt floatThe amount associated with the amount type.