Field NameFIXML Attribute NameData TypeDescriptionPresent for Security TypePresent for Asset ClassPresent for Outright or SpreadSupported Values
Leg Product Code ID StringUsed as the primary identifier for the Leg instrument. For futures and options, this is generally an exchange or CME assigned value.ALLALLSpread 
Leg Product ID Source Src StringIdentifies the source of the Leg SecurityID. If it is not specified, the default of Clearing is used.ALLALLSpreadH - Clearing House / Clearing Organization

Leg Security Type SecTyp StringRefer to definition of SecurityType(167)ALLALLSpreadFUT - Future

FWD - Forward

OOC - Options on Combo

OOF - Options on Futures

Leg Maturity MMY MonthYearThe MaturityMonthYear of an individual security in a Multileg instrument.
See MaturityMonthYear (200) field for description.
Leg Strike Price Strk PriceThe StrikePrice of an individual security in a Multileg instrument.
See StrikePrice (202) field for description.
Leg Time Unit TmUnit StringUsed to indicate a time unit for the contract (such as days, weeks, or months).   D - Day

H - Hour

Mo - Month

Leg Product Exchange Exch ExchangeThe SecurityExchange of an individual security in a Multileg instrument.
See SecurityExchange (207) field for description.
ALLALLSpreadCBT - Chicago Board of Trade

CEE - Stock Exchange Group

CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

COMEX - Commodities Exchange, Inc

DME - Dubai Mercantile Exchange

NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange


Leg Buy Sell Code Side charSpecific to the <InstrumentLeg> (not in <Instrument>)ALLALLSpread1 - Buy

2 - Sell

Leg Put Or Call PutCall intUsed to express option rightOPTALLSpread0 - Put

1 - Call