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To optimally service customers and meet regulatory requirements for out-of-region recovery capabilities and timelines, CME Group utilizes a two-data center model comprised of a Production and a Disaster Recovery (DR) data center. This approach mitigates multiple disaster recovery instances.

This topic describes various DR failover scenarios. Some of these scenarios require customer configuration changes and some do not. There are separate IPs and Ports to connect to either Production or Disaster Recovery BrokerTec Markets environments. Clients must manage their own connections to the acting production environment IPs and ports. CME Group will issue both Production and DR IPs and ports to client during initial setup.


CME Group Connectivity Options

Please refer to the following link for a full description of the offerings that are available in our Production Connectivity Guide.

Disaster Recovery Scenario

In normal operating conditions, the CME Group data center in Aurora, IL, houses all Shared Services and Clearing. The CME Group data center in NY5 houses BrokerTec US Markets on CME Globex. The CME Group data center in LD4.2 houses BrokerTec EU Markets on CME Globex. Clients cannot access DR facilities during normal operating conditions.

Markets and ServicesPrimary Data CenterDR Data Center
Shared Services and ClearingAurora, ILNY Data Center
BrokerTec US MarketsNY5Aurora, IL
BrokerTec EU MarketsLD4.2NY5
Futures and Options MarketsAurora, ILNY Data Center

Shared Services are internal applications critical to functioning Markets. Clients do not access these services.

This topic highlights the potential scenarios that could impact customer connectivity during a disaster.

  • Scenario 1:  BrokerTec EU or US Markets unavailable / Shared Services available (Customer action required to resume trading)
  • Scenario 2:  BrokerTec EU or US Markets available / Shared Services unavailable (No Customer action required)

In addition to the above application failure scenarios, there could be a catastrophic datacenter failure scenario. If a BrokerTec EU Market Customer's Prod connection is located in the LD4.2 datacenter and the entire LD4.2 datacenter fails then BrokerTec EU Market Customers will need to connect to the DR applications via another connectivity solution. If a BrokerTec US Market Customer's Prod connection is located in the NY5 datacenter and the entire NY5 datacenter fails then BrokerTec US Market Customers will need to connect to the DR applications via another connectivity solution.

Therefore, some customers may want or require local DR connectivity.  These customers can order ports in DR locations, Secaucus (NY5) or Aurora (DC3).  These ports under normal circumstances will connect to production environments in Slough and Secaucus, respectively.  In a failover situation these ports will connect to the DR platform situated in the same location as their ports, Secaucus and Aurora.  BrokerTec US customers wanting local DR connectivity can order a Globex Hub – Aurora service.  BrokerTec EU customers can order GLink – Secaucus and EConnect NY5 services in Secaucus. 

Network Description of Production Operations and Outlined Scenarios


Scenario 1 – LD4.2 OR NY5 Disaster, BrokerTec EU OR US Markets unavailable

In scenario 1, the BrokerTec EU OR US Markets Production environments have ceased operations at either LD4.2 for EU Markets OR NY5 for US Markets. All applications will be recovered at their CME DR environments located at NY5 for EU Markets OR CME Aurora for US Markets. Once the recovery process is complete then Customers must connect to the DR environment using the DR IPs and Ports issued during onboarding. All CME Group connectivity options for BrokerTec Markets support access to the DR environments.


Scenario 2 –  Aurora Disaster, Shared Services unavailable

In scenario 2, the CME Group Production Shared Services application in the data center in Aurora, IL, has been forced to cease operations. As a result, Shared Services will be recovered at their DR data center located at NYDC. BrokerTec EU Markets AND US Markets trading will be halted during this recovery process. Customers do not need to take any action during this recovery scenario except to re-login to applications after recovery.

DR Regional

CME Group Services in Scope

The list below outlines the services in scope during CME Group DR failover. Customers will need to re-login to impacted applications after recovery.

Scenario 1 impactsScenario 2 impacts


CME One / FirmSoft

GFE and Priming API

Drop Copy

Market Data Platform

Account Manager

GC Allocator


The BrokerTec GFE is a desktop trading client that runs on customers PCs and will connect to the following CME services:

  • MSGs (iLink)
  • MDP TCP Gateway (MDP)
  • Drop Copy
  • GFE and Priming API

More Information on CME Globex DR

Complete information on the CME Group business continuity program is available at: if you have further questions; please contact your Global Account Manager in the U.S. at 312 634 8700, in Europe at 44 203 379 3754, or in Asia at 65 6593 5505 or via email.