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CME Group supports CME Benchmark Administration Premium, a Simple Binary Encoded (SBE) market data topic on CME Smart Stream on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for the following products:

  • CME Term SOFR Reference Rates
  • Petroleum Indexes
  • CVOL Indexes

CME Smart Stream on GCP leverages Google Cloud Pub/Sub technology for market data distribution. For complete details regarding Google Cloud Pub/Sub please refer to Google Pub/Sub documentation.

For more information regarding developing to GCP SBE, see the CME Smart Stream on GCP SBE wiki.


Testing and Certification

Certification is required.

CME Benchmark Administration Premium Specification 

The message specification can be found in the following link: CME Benchmark Administration Premium Specification 

Topic Naming Methodology

CME Smart Stream on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has an incremental topic per channel. CME Benchmark Administration Premium will add "INDXBIN" to the format row below. Only real-time data is offered for CME Benchmark Administration Premium.

For more information regarding topic methodology, see the CME Smart Stream on GCP SBE wiki.

Topic names have the following methodology:  


Valid Values



PROD = Production

NR = New Release

CERT = Certification 

ServiceNameSSCL = Smart Stream Cloud LinkCloud service provider

GCP = Google Cloud Products

Name of the cloud provider

ContentTypeMD = Market DataType of content
Content Timing

RT = Real Time

DLY = Delayed 

Time data is sent

CMEG = CME Group Owned Market Data

Reference to exchange

FIXBIN = MDP 3.0 Globex Data Channels

STRBIN = Streamlined

SVBIN = Settlements & Valuations

INDXBIN = CME Benchmark Administration Premium

Feed Type


CME Group version of cloud solution
Topic Type

INCR = Incremental

RPLY = MBP Recovery

MBORPLY = MBO Recovery

INST = Instrument Recovery

Defines the type of topic
Channel Number


261 = CME Benchmark Administration Premium

CME Group assigned channel id

Topic Name Examples

The following are topic name examples: 

  • New Release CME Benchmark Administration Premium Incremental Feed (Channel 261): NR.SSCL.GCP.MD.RT.CMEG.INDXBIN.v01000.INCR.261
  • Production CME Benchmark Administration Premium Incremental Feed (Channel 261): PROD.SSCL.GCP.MD.RT.CMEG.INDXBIN.v01000.INCR.261