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CME Globex will automatically logout and close both the primary and backup ports for any iLink or Drop Copy session on the 5th invalid Logon (tag 35=A) attempt in 60 seconds. Logon messages may be invalid due to:

  • Incorrect sequence number
  • Invalid password
  • Invalid heartbeat interval
  • Malformed message
  • Required tag missing or sent with invalid value
  • Invalid SenderCompID (iLink tag 49)

Automated Port Closure can also be triggered by customers sending messages other than a Logon when the session has not been successfully logged in.

When triggered, CME Globex will send a Logout message (tag 35=5) with tag 58-Text="(1000) CME Administered Port Closure Due to Invalid Number of Login Attempts Being Exceeded".

  • Sessions with active-active fault tolerance will receive the Logout message on both the primary and backup instances.
  • Sessions without fault tolerance will only receive the Logout on the primary instance, but both the primary and backup ports will be closed.

Primary and secondary clearing firm administrators must contact the Global Command Center directly to have a port re-opened.