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This section describes the FIXML Message Specification for the messages used by Allocation Management API.

FIXML Message Elements and Attributes

Messages are comprised of elements, which may be non-repeating or repeating. Elements contain Attributes that define the trade characteristics.

  • Repeating Elements are indicated by "(repeating)" in the gray highlighted Element definition row.
  • Some Elements, such as Instrument (Instrmt), have a large number of attributes, and are therefore allocated their own page.
  • The first defined Element level on any specification page is considered the highest level for that page. Elements may have sub-elements on the same page, as indicated by an arrow () preceding the field name.
  • A sub-element one level down contains an arrow preceding it in the field name, for example:

→ Sender ID

Elements two levels down will have two preceding arrows:

→→ Leg Underlying Product Code

  • The highest level on any page will not be preceded by an arrow, though it may still be a sub-element. For example, Instrument is a sub-element of Trade Capture Report Message, but because it is the highest level for that page, the Field Names will not be preceded by an arrow.


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