Sustainability in our Business

Sustainability in our Business

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Starting with practices as simple as recycling and utilizing energy-efficient technologies at our facilities, to building a data center with industry-leading technology, we are committed to putting change into motion that will positively impact the environment of tomorrow.

Sustainability in our Business

Our Internal Initiatives

In our efforts to increase our corporate sustainability, CME Group has: 
  • Eliminated unessential printers to lower CO2 emissions
  • Discontinued the automatic printing of performance bond reports while still meeting regulatory requirements and records retention guidelines
  • Rolled out a global “shred all” program that dramatically increased the amount of recycled paper, saving 937 trees and 20,938 gallons of oil
  • Used all recyclable, disposable silverware and cups in employee cafés
  • Provided water fountains at all locations to encourage employees to avoid bottled water
  • Offered recycling for glass, plastic, and aluminum in the break rooms

CME Group's Data Center

Our industry-leading data center in Aurora, Ill. provides continuous power and cooling to all internal and external business systems, including CME Globex, Clearing, and regulatory services.

During the construction of the data center, reducing waste and recycling materials stood center stage. Our efforts during construction included:

  • Reusing 1,600 tons of concrete and roof gravel – saving 4,640 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of burning 464,000 gallons of gasoline
  • Storing and recycling more than 25 American football fields of construction debris
  • Transplanting 17 mature trees from the construction site to the southern side of the building

To increase efficiency and environmental sustainability, the data center features:

  • A 130,000 square foot reflective white roof to dramatically reduce roof surface temperatures and lower cooling costs.
  • Its own power substation to distribute power at a much higher voltage
  • Evaporative cooling and heat recovery wheels promoting “free cooling” to use outside temperature during the winter months to cool a chilled-water system, allowing the chiller’s compressor to shut down which reduces energy consumption more than 35% of the year 

CME Group’s Sustainability Committee

To better manage our sustainability efforts, CME Group launched a Sustainability Committee in 2013. The committee’s mission is to manage and grow sustainability efforts on a company-wide level and to create lasting interest among all employees.

By identifying best practices and areas of opportunity, the group will ensure the continued success of our sustainability efforts as this focus area becomes more and more important in the global business community.

LEED Standards

In 2009, one of CME Group’s locations, the building at 550 West Washington Street in Chicago, became the world’s first Platinum LEED® certified multi-tenant building under the LEED for Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (O&M) category. This is the highest rating in the LEED family of green buildings.

As the long-term anchor tenant of the 550 building, CME Group successfully implemented environmental sustainability practices to support the LEED certification, including the use of only green cleaners and hand towels made from largely recycled materials. Our global offices use only LED monitors that do not contain mercury, halogen, or lead, which makes them safer for the environment and uses 30-50% less energy.

Four of our office locations now hold LEED certifications.

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