Sustainability in our Business

Sustainability in our Business

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Starting with practices as simple as recycling and utilizing energy-efficient technologies at our facilities, to building a data center with industry-leading technology, we are committed to putting change into motion that will positively impact the environment of tomorrow.

Our Internal Initiatives

In our efforts to increase our corporate sustainability, CME Group has:

  • Eliminated unessential printers to lower CO2 emissions
  • Discontinued the automatic printing of performance bond reports while still meeting regulatory requirements and records retention guidelines
  • Rolled out a global “shred all” program that dramatically increased the amount of recycled paper, saving 937 trees and 20,938 gallons of oil
  • Used all recyclable, disposable silverware and cups in employee cafés
  • Provided filtered water coolers at all locations to encourage employees to avoid bottled water
  • Offered recycling for glass, plastic, and aluminum in the break rooms

CME Group’s Sustainability Employee Network Group (ENG)

SEED (Sustaining and Enhancing our Environmental Direction) is an employee networking group focused on sustainability and environmentalism. Launched in 2015, we advocate for greater environmental sustainability at CME Group, promote our corporate social responsibility efforts, seek ways to enhance how the corporation manages sustainability risk, and serve as divisional ambassadors for sustainability. We host panel discussions and presentations by experts focused on specific sustainability-related topics, as well as volunteer activities, film screenings, and book clubs.

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