ESG at CME Group

At CME Group, we believe in advancing policies that strengthen the integrity of our global company – from workforce empowerment, to corporate stewardship, to community commitment and sustainable solutions.

Workforce Empowerment

We invest in our team members through training, continuous development and fostering a culture of inclusion and innovation.


As a global business operating in a complex environment, we work to develop both innovative and sustainable business solutions.

Community Commitment

We are deeply connected to, engaged with and invested in our communities through the CME Group Foundation and corporate giving.

Corporate Stewardship

Everything we do is based in strong governance practices and our culture of compliance, ethics and accountability.


At CME Group, we strive for excellence in all we do, and our efforts to improve never end. The same goes for our progress toward our environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. We have developed a cohesive and actionable strategic framework that includes evolving and advancing our policies, goals and reporting.

As a global corporate citizen, we have responsibilities to all of our stakeholders. We aspire to transform the industry while always adhering to our values. Ultimately, it’s about earning and strengthening our stakeholders’ trust and making a positive difference.

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Workforce Empowerment

At CME Group, diversity and inclusion are foundational to building a culture of innovation and mutual respect. We are focused on recruiting and retaining diverse talent through an expansive recruiting effort, internal development programs and open and honest communication. We’re driven by the belief that measuring our progress is key to achieving it, and that measurement starts with a baseline:

Global Gender






Not reported

Senior Managing Directors & Above





US Ethnicity


American Indian or Alaska Native


Black or african american


Native hawaiian or pacific islander


Two or more races




Hispanic or latino




Not reported

Workforce Development and Engagement


Voluntary turnover


Open roles filled with internal candidates


Employee Network Group (ENG) members

Critical listening for a more just world

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council partners with HR and our Employee Network Groups (ENGs) to advance critical conversations and promote change. In 2020, we held listening sessions across the organization to elevate the diverse experiences of our employees and emphasize the importance of fostering a more inclusive culture at work and in our communities.

Sustainable Solutions

We have always developed products and services to meet our clients’ evolving risk management needs, and we understand the importance of developing both innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our commitment to advance a more environmentally and economically sustainable future includes measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. In 2020, we conducted our first carbon emissions assessment. The results of the assessment, and future ones, will inform our strategy to reduce our environmental impact.

CO2 emissions avoided through paper recycling


Electronic waste recycled

3.37 tons

“Every industry, including finance has been forced to change their processes and approach. As we share our lessons learned and practices related to ESG, I am hopeful that it will spark new ideas and ways we can improve in the future.”

Owain Johnson, Managing Director, Research & Product Development

Optimizing global offices

Over the past three years we have reduced our global office spaces by 163,000 sq. ft., helping to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Headquarters renovation

In Chicago, we decreased the space we occupy by 56,000 sq. ft., reduced our electrical use and improved our lighting, heating and cooling efficiency. 

Paper recycling

Our decision to securely shred and recycle paper has helped save nearly 95 pools full of water and preserved the equivalent of 530 trees. 

Community Commitment

At CME Group, we value being a good corporate citizen and take an active role in social responsibility. Through charitable donations and volunteerism, we partner with our employees to build brighter futures in our communities.

Total giving

>$7.6 million



Matching gifts


Virtual volunteer hours


Community charitable donations

In 2020, it was especially important for us to invest in the causes most meaningful to our local community. We marked the highest amount donated through our matching program, and we donated nearly $13,000 in school supplies to our adopted school in Chicago at the onset of the pandemic to assist with the transition to remote learning.



Our facilities and health care center teams recovered and donated boxes full of masks needed to protect those on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis.

CME Group Foundation

The CME Group Foundation is a private foundation that strives to empower future generations through education, equipping today’s students to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Since 2007, the CME Group Foundation has invested more than $11 million to improve early math education across Illinois.

When COVID-19 paused in-person learning, Christopher House, a CME Group Foundation grantee, provided each of its student scholars a Chromebook and free internet to access lessons from home.

Corporate Stewardship

Our business principles start with our Board of Directors. In 2020, our Board was dedicated to the issues that mattered most in a trying year — from overseeing risk management in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensuring our marketplace continued to function effectively during times of unprecedented market uncertainty, to securing the safety and well-being of our global team and continuing to deliver value to our clients and our shareholders.

Years average tenure on cme group board


Years average age




Racially or ethnically diverse



Our global economy has never been more dependent on the internet, meaning that cyber defense has never been more critical. In light of a constantly evolving digital landscape, CME Group has been advancing our systems, resources and processes to protect our company and our data.

  • In 2020, 100% of our employees completed their annual assignment of training on cyber-security & compliance & ethics matters
  • 19,000 suspicious emails with 2,300 malicious in nature escalated to the Cyber Defense team.
  • 99 million emails blocked by cyber controls, including 47,000 malicious messages.

We were recognized as Exchange of the Year by the 2021 Risk Awards for our ability to maintain operational resilience and price discovery on key financial benchmarks at a time of stress for both markets and individual institutions in 2020.

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