Managing event risk

With continued uncertainty around geopolitical and economic events, CME Group’s suite of futures and options products helps market participants manage risk and pursue opportunities.

Elections, trade tensions, policy shifts, and other incidents can impact economies across the globe. With a range of products across six asset classes, CME Group offers the most diverse set of tools to help traders and investors manage risk in their portfolios.

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Trader's Edge: Using Nasdaq 100 Volatility Index Futures (VLQ) for Event Driven Strategies – Part 2

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CME Group Volatility Indexes (CVOL™)

CVOL: A new view on volatility, derived from the world’s most actively traded options on futures, across six asset classes.

Manage volatility with options

Options on futures can provide additional opportunities to manage risk and diversify your portfolio.

 While many traders are interested in trading futures, they may also want the flexibility that comes with trading options. As you prepare to handle event risk, short-term options trading offers a strong risk management strategy for high-impact events ‒ providing the precision and flexibility you need.

Volatility tools and analytics

See how markets are pricing upcoming economic and geopolitical events through the lens of options volatility.

Monitor for the onset of price uncertainty by analyzing changes in current implied volatilies versus the previous week's numbers, by expiration.

Track upcoming economic events and map to nearby expiring options contracts to manage related event risk.

Dive deeper into trading around event risk

Learn how economic events can move markets and what to watch for in order to make the most of your trading strategy.

Get an overview of strangles as a trading strategy for options, including its benefits when event risk may be present and more.

Look at straddles as a strategy for trading options in volatile or stagnate markets.