Listed FX Options: Resources for Intermediaries

Everything any broker needs to understand listed FX options, and the benefit they provide to all market participants.

Listed FX options are increasingly a better proxy for the OTC market, as a result more traders can use listed FX options to hedge exposures and adapt to regulatory changes.

Attracted by the credit-agnostic liquidity and flexibility of our centrally cleared offering, including scope of currencies available; the granularity of weekly and monthly expiries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; alignment with OTC market conventions in terms of style, value date, and expiration time; operational transparency and competitive fees.

By the numbers


Q2 2017-Q2 2020 average daily notional listed FX options


Less expensive than trading an equivalent bilateral position in OTC FX options*


Reduction in trading fees for all large trades, electronic or block, with further discounts available


Options pairs available to trade across G10 and EM

10 a.m. NY

Expiration time, aligned to OTC market conventions



Compare EUR/USD listed FXO pricing, converted to OTC terms, for the first time, in one new tool

* Source: Greenwich Associates study: FX Options in the Age of Uncleared Margin Rules, 2019

View how our FX offering aligns to OTC FX

View a full list of products across G10 and Emerging Markets – including futures, options on futures, FX Link, and cleared OTC FX products – and how they align to the OTC market.


The One-Page Pitch – On the value of FX options

Use this short guide to FX Options, to know the value to you and your clients

Insights: Whitepaper

CME Listed FX Options: A Capital-Efficient, Low-Cost Solution

Learn how FX options are a proxy for OTC options.

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Part 1: Understand FX options & compare to OTC FX spot options
Part 2: Anticipated impact of UMR
Part 3: Use cases for CME FX options
Part 4: Rules, tools, resources & mechanisms

Greenwich Associates on Total Cost Analysis and Uncleared Margin Rules, focused on FX options

How listed FX options could help buy-side firms save up to 70% on execution costs and reduce UMR funding costs by up to 86%.


Each quarter, we publish The FX Report, which assembles all of the key news, views, and stats the broking community needs to know.



Monitor the market with CME Direct, and dig in with QuikStrike Analytics

Monitor the market with our introduction to CME Direct and QuikStrike Analytics videos, including how to use CME Direct data, and how to use it to book blocks, create strategies, and get to know the built-in tools in more depth.

Analytics Browse more QuikStrike tools, including volumes, open interest tools, and heatmaps showing the most active options and strikes, and more.


How to use Request for Quote

Use RFQs

How to use Directed Request for Quote


How to book a block, reporting times and more

Use Blocks

How to use Committed Cross protocol with BPM

Use Request for Cross


View or download over a year’s worth of listings and expiration dates across CME Group’s benchmark options, including yet to be listed weekly expiries

Expiration Calendar

View all the trading codes you need across Globex, Bloomberg, Fidessa, Refinitiv, and more

Product Codes


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