Bloomberg Capital Markets Package

Access comprehensive Interest Rate derivatives price discovery with data sourced from market-leading electronic trading platforms: BrokerTec and Trad-X.

Bloomberg Capital Markets Package (BCMP) is an Interest Rate derivatives service offering widely sought-after swaps data from Trad-X, Tradition’s multi-asset electronic trading platform for OTC derivatives and Treasury data from BrokerTec, a market leading electronic platform for trading US Treasuries.

Key Benefits

Instrument pricing and evaluations

Compliance, audit and accounting

Market and credit risk

Trade validation

Portfolio management

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Available data

USD Medium Term Swaps - BCMP1

  • TRAD-X Interest Rate Swaps Spread over BrokerTec US Treasury Active Benchmarks

CAD Medium Term Swaps

  • Tradition Swaps Spread over CAD Treasury Benchmarks

Interest Rate Swaps

  • USD SB vs 3M LIBOR Switches
  • USD SB vs 3M LIBOR Butterflies

Global CCP Basis Swaps (Central Counter-Party)

  • CME / LCH Basis
  • EUREX / LCH Basis
  • JSCC / LCH Basis

USD Basis Swaps

  • 1M vs 3M Libor
  • 3M vs 6M Libor
  • Fed Funds vs 3M Libor

SOFR OIS Swaps (Secured Overnight Financing Rate)

  • Annual Money vs SOFR

How to access


  • <BCMP> Bloomberg Capital Markets Main Menu
  • <NEXD> NEX Data Main Menu
  • <BCMP1> USD Medium Term Swaps
  • Bloomberg Price Source (PCS): BCMD

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