OpenMarkets Exchange of Ideas

Pandemic-Era Policy Lessons and the Path Forward for Interest Rates.

Introducing OpenMarkets Exchange of Ideas, a new long-form discussion featuring expert perspectives on critical market issues. Join our panel for a discussion about what we’ve learned from Fed policy decisions over the past two years, how the pandemic influenced those decisions, and what challenges lie ahead. Panelists also examine how the futures market fits into the rates story.

Topics include:

  • The effect of the Federal Reserve’s most recent response to inflation
  • Lingering supply chain disruptions, and how they continue to affect commodities and consumer demand
  • Historical context of the pandemic response and how it compares to other major events
  • Activity in futures markets on the heels of Fed announcements and other economic indicators
  • What real rates suggest about how high the Fed should hike rates

Featured Speakers

Jim Iuorio
Managing Director
TJM Institutional Services
Veteran Futures and Options Trader

Cameron Dawson
Chief Investment Officer
NewEdge Wealth

Subadra Rajappa
Head of Interest Rates Strategy
Société Générale

Eric Leininger
Executive Director, Financial Research
CME Group

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