QuikStrike recently released new upgrades to their platform including the QuikStrike Essentials user interface, the FedWatch tool, open interest tools, and more. View the full list of updates below:

Essentials UI and tools

  • New tools, views, and menu items
  • Customization limitations (now reflects integrated limitations more closely)
  • Spread Builder Strike Range additions (added five more strikes up and down)
  • Increased QuikStrike Explorer commands for more advanced queries

Classic CME Group tools

  • FedWatch (added more dates and colored tabs)
  • Open interest tools (addressed user concerns with some missing tabs and heating functionality)

Integrated CME Group tools (upgraded view and chart list)

  • Open Interest tool
  • OI Most Actives
  • OI Weekly Report
  • Vol Term tool
  • Settlement Sheet
  • Vol2Vol
  • S&P 500 Annual Div Term Structure
  • S&P 500 Quarterly Div Term Structure
  • Strategy Builder Strike Range additions (added five more strikes up and down)

New QuikStrike layout

The screenshot below shows the new QuikStrike layout for a vanilla option. This updated layout provides added intraday volume updates and a pricing sheet in addition to the former Vol2Vol view. The ‘Product’ and ‘Contract’ buttons allow easier access to QuikStrike analytics, and the ‘Vol History’ button makes it easier to navigate to the common volatility comparison charts.

The updated Vol2Vol layout is cleaner while showing more information. The user can also hover to get data at specific points and click and drag to zoom in on an area.  

The QuikStrike Explorer allows quick browsing of relevant contract data and a glimpse into the power of QuikSheets.

Volume tools make it easier to find and compare volume curves from one date to another, shown in the screenshot below.

QuikStrike Options Pricing and Analysis Tools

Build and refine your trading strategies with free pricing and analytics tools for CME Group markets.

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