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To sustain a hungry world...

CME Group gives the agricultural industry the tools to help it put food on the table.

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To deliver in a changing energy landscape...

CME Group gives the energy industry the tools to help it keep resources flowing.

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CME Group gives the financial industry the tools to help it address market exposure.

Energy producers are working to power a fast-moving world. CME Group helps them navigate the risks of volatile oil and natural gas markets. Developing nations are demanding ready access to the energy sources they need to sustain their new levels of economic vitality, challenging what current global resources can realistically deliver.

Global energy production by non-OECD* countries

Global energy production 1990, 2011, 2030
Global energy production up 71% by 2030

* The Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development

Source: BP
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Tech is shaking up the oil industry and has propelled the U.S. to the top of the oil reserves list for the first time in decades.

Thanks to technological advancements, the U.S. now has more recoverable oil than any other nation.

Bar graph showing total oil production surpassing 36 billion Graph of oil production in USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Iran
Source: The American Oil
& Gas Reporter


88% of the next billion people to join the middle class will be from emerging economies and will help drive the projected 25% increase in energy demands over the next 25 years.

Source: ExxonMobil, Brookings

The role of derivatives in managing risk

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North American natural gas production is expected to triple by 2040, making the area the largest gas-producing region in the world.

Source: ExxonMobil

In addition to steadily climbing consumption, developing nations continue to account for more and more of the world’s energy production. Meanwhile, in North America, a boom in domestic crude oil production moved the region past Saudi Arabia in 2014, while new extraction technologies have North America on the cusp of taking the lead in global gas production.

By 2040, the developing world will account for 65 percent of the world’s energy consumption.

Image of barrels demonstrating devloping world accounting for 65% of world energy consumption
Source: United States Energy
Information Administration


Two-thirds of energy-supply investment has been taking place in emerging economies.

Source: International
Energy Agency
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Energy production and consumption totals are critical to understanding market behavior in developed and developing economies.

In China, for instance, projections have oil production and consumption both trending upward. However, the pace of consumption is expected to far surpass production, to the tune of more than 11,000 barrels a day by 2020.

Line graph showing discrepancy between energy production and consumption by 2020 Line graph showing discrepancy between energy production and consumption by 2020 Line graph showing energy production and consumption between 1970 and 2020
Source: BP Statistical Review

To power the energy markets of tomorrow, producers must not only be aware of the risks ahead, but also face them head-on. CME Group plays a central role in helping market participants around the world balance the ongoing dynamics of supply and demand as they face these dramatic and broad-reaching changes.

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