In preparation for the upcoming launch of Micro E-mini options, David Lerman, Director of Education at CME Group, has recorded a webinar that provides an overview of our new options contracts launching August 31.

This exciting addition builds on the heels of Micro E-mini futures, which have traded more than 360 million contracts* since their May 2019 launch.

*As of August 2020

During this session, David covers the following topics:

  • Contract specs, expiration details, common requirements to set up a futures trading account, and potential offsets with futures
  • Basic options fundamentals, including volatility and the multi-dimensional nature of options
  • Advantages of trading Micro E-mini options, including precision scaling opportunities available around the clock
  • Trading Micro E-mini options vs. stock and ETF options, strategies, and risk management
  • Types of option expirations available, allowing for versatile trading strategies
  • How to use the CME Group QuikStrike Tool for Micro E-mini options analysis

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