Meet Micro E-mini futures on the S&P 500, Nasdaq-100, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Russell 2000 indices, the next big thing in equities trading, designed with the active individual trader in mind. Discover the benefits of futures, for a fraction of the upfront financial commitment.

Trade a slice of the most liquid equity index futures

Get the same benefits that make futures a Wall Street staple, now on a main street budget. Nearly 24-hour trading, no management fees, portfolio diversification, and more.

Enjoy greater versatility in your trading strategies

Fine-tune your equity market exposure or tailor a position to reduce risk. With futures, you can go short as easily as you go long – no short-selling restrictions.

Use leverage for greater capital efficiency and exposure

Control a large contract value with a small amount of capital and no expense ratios. Add greater upside with potentially lower trading costs versus a basket of equities or ETFs.


Micro E-mini Options

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Webinar Replay: Micro E-mini Equity Futures and Options

In this recorded webinar, David Lerman, Director of Education at CME Group, discusses the trading performance and rise in liquidity of Micro E-mini Equity futures and options and provides his insight on the following:

  • How are traders using Micro E-mini futures and options and why they are a capital efficient tool to manage risk?How are traders using Micro E-mini futures and options and why they are a capital efficient tool to manage risk?
  • How have Micro E-mini futures and options traded since launch?
  • In what ways are the retail active trader using these new contracts? Are they only a speculative tool or are there other strategies traders employ?
  • What are the impacts of recent market volatility on options and how can you align volatility with the correct strategy?
  • How will the new administration affect the markets in 2021 – and beyond?
  • What is the role of short-dated options?

Meet Micro E-mini Futures

Get to know Micro E-mini futures and what they will provide to the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Micro E-mini Futures? We have answers.

How to Add Precision to Your Delta Hedge Using Micros E-minis

The smaller size of Micro E-mini futures can help you get more granular in your delta hedging strategies – which could translate into greater trading opportunities.

Contract Specifications

Micro E-mini S&P 500 Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Micro E-mini Dow
Contract Size $5 x S&P 500 Index $2 x Nasdaq-100 Index $5 x Russell 2000 Index $0.50 x DJIA Index
Trading Hours and Venue CME Globex: Sun-Fri: 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Mon-Fri: Daily trading halt from 3:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Minimum Tick/ Price Fluctuation 0.25 Index points 0.25 Index points 0.10 Index points 1.00 Index points
Dollar Value of One Tick $1.25 per contract $0.50 per contract $0.50 per contract $0.50 per contract
Product Code CME Globex: MES
CME ClearPort: MES
Clearing: MES
CME Globex: MNQ
CME ClearPort: MNQ
Clearing: MNQ
CME Globex: M2K
CME ClearPort: M2K
Clearing: M2K
CME Globex: MYM
CME ClearPort: MYM
Clearing: MYM
Contract Months Five months in the March Quarterly Cycle
H, M, U, Z, H (March, June, September, December, March)
Four months in the March Quarterly Cycle
H, M, U, Z (March, June, September, December)
Delivery Cash settlement to Final Settlement Price
Termination of Trading 8:30 a.m. CT on 3rd Friday of contract delivery month
Trading in expiring futures terminates at 8:30 a.m. on Last Day of Trading.

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