From Military to Markets

“Futures have been instrumental in me being able to manage my portfolio.”


Take Your Trading Strategies to the Next Level. Without Leaving Your Risk Comfort Zone.

Meet Bedros, a family man with a military background who directs a corporate security team by day, and pursues his trading passion after work. Bedros spent 20 years trading stocks before discovering that futures trading suits his disciplined investing style and conservative approach.

Equity Index futures help him stay in control of active global markets 24/7 to minimize portfolio risk, without sacrificing what’s most important: quality time with loved ones.

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Expand Your Equity Market Opportunities

“I got into investing with stocks and ETFs and options, but I’ve only become a bit more of a sophisticated investor and trader [over the past several years].”

Leverage and efficiency of Equity Index futures can help your investing capital go further. Futures margins are usually less than 5% of the contract value you control, vs. 50% margins for stocks or ETFs.

CME Group’s recently launched Micro E-mini futures give you access to S&P 500, Nasdaq-100, Russell 2000 and Dow Jones Industrial Average for a smaller fraction of the up-front financial commitment.

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See the Bigger Picture in Global Markets

“I’ll look at the Asian open and I can see how the market’s reacting: ‘What is the personality of the markets?’.”

Inform trading strategies with nearly 24-hour futures markets that are liquid from the Asia open to the Chicago close. Futures often have 'first-mover' status, indicating market direction before the cash open. Futures let you adjust positions before other markets are open for trading.

Construct Your Trading Plan

“I’m actually a very cautious, patient, disciplined person when it comes to trading. …Trading futures helped refine that.”

In his 20+ years of experience, Bedros has learned that to be consistently successful, you first need to build a trading plan that fits with your risk tolerance level. You can find a wealth of online resources to help guide you in developing yours.

Learn. Practice. Repeat.

Moving from stocks, Bedros learned that futures and options on futures have some important differences from stock and cash markets, but it’s never been easier to learn to trade futures.

Test-drive your strategies and get to know futures markets before making the leap to trading real capital with the CME Trading Simulator.

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