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Analyze this: A data-driven mindset

“I’ve learned that mindset is the most important (element of a trading approach).”


In markets or martial arts, focus and discipline are key.

Meet Jonathan, a former market analyst with 27 years of experience largely trading FX and equities, who now consults from home and trades exclusively in the futures markets.

For Jonathan, two principles - focus and discipline - are the keys to trading futures and capturing the possibilities that only 24-hour markets can provide. He applies an analytical approach to his trading, ensuring he has the right mindset in any market: sticking to logic and leaving emotions at the door when making trading decisions.

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Planning for success

“When I approach trading, I like to think of the three M’s: you’ve got to think about money management; you’ve got to think about your method, and then you’ve got to think about your mindset”

A trader’s chance for success improves with discipline and a good understanding of money management techniques. But to manage risk and limit losses, you also need to understand risk itself, as well as human nature. Before you place a trade, it’s important to plan ahead and identify how much risk you’re comfortable taking, as well as what your exit point will be.

Achieving emotional intelligence

“You need focus. You need discipline. And most of all, you need to learn from your mistakes. And I believe those elements have made me a much better trader.”

It’s important to recognize how emotion can influence trading decisions, and to prepare for it. Studies show that when fear is present, humans are anything but rational, even in economic matters. That makes emotional intelligence key to long-term trading success.

A thoughtful trading plan, discipline, and expectation of some losses all can increase your probability of making good trading decisions.

Develop your emotional intelligence

Adding the benefits of diversification

“Futures markets actually opens up many other possibilities. And I think that’s been very beneficial. Now I have a 20-second commute versus two and a half hours.”

Whether you want to reduce risk on other investments like stocks and bonds, or to diversify across asset classes like equities, Forex and energy futures are a great way to achieve portfolio diversification.

Because they trade nearly 24/7 futures open possibilities for trading when other markets may be closed, or when macro events happen that can affect price volatility – all from your home office or mobile app.

Learn. Practice. Repeat.

Trading in a simulated market using real-time data is a great way to build confidence and learn from mistakes without having to pay for them. It’s also a chance to practice keeping emotion out of your trading.

Get hands-on experience, test your trading strategies and familiarize yourself with the flow of futures markets before you commit real capital with the CME Trading Simulator.

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