Product Overview

What are Lean Hogs Futures?

A futures contract that allows market participants the opportunity to profit on or hedge against the price movement of the price of pork.

Why would you want to trade Lean Hogs?

  1. Demand in China for pork can affect prices and offer trade opportunities
  2. U.S. is the largest exporter of pork giving traders exposure to key food staple economies.
  3. Lean Hog prices are affected by weather as a result of grain prices for feed.

How do you trade Lean Hog futures?

Market participants have the ability to simulate the financial results of a hog feeding operation by using hedging and trading strategies that incorporate various combinations of CME Group Agricultural futures contracts. This simulation of a real world product transformation (the conversion of one product into multiple products or taking multiple products and converting them into one product), is frequently called a “crush” trade. 

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Contract Specifications

Contract Month

G, J, K, M, Q, V, Z ( Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec )

Trading Hours

8:30am- 1:05pm (Mon-Fri) CT


Lean Hogs

Contract Size

40,000 pounds (~18 metric tons)

Trading Venue

CME offers electronic trading almost 24/6

Minimum Tick

$.00025 per pound

Product Symbol


Dollar Value of One Tick

$10.00 per contract

Options Available

Quarterly, Serial, Weekly

Notional Value

Exchange Rulebook

CME 152

Settlement Procedures

Lean Hog Settlement Procedures

Price Limit or Circuit

Price Limits

Settlement Method

Financially Settled

Termination of Trading

Trading terminates on the 10th business day of the contract month.

Contract Specifications

Product Name

Options Expirations

Options Symbol

Trading Venue

Trading Hours

8:30am- 1:05pm (Mon-Fri) CT

Type Of Expiration

Minimum Tick Size

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