Weather Products

From heat waves to arctic cold outbreaks, weather often has a significant impact on business – accounting for $5.3 billion of the $16 trillion US GDP. CME Group's temperature-based index futures and options provide the tools to help you manage weather-related risk.

Launched in 1999, the CME temperature-based product slate has expanded to meet customer needs in regions around the globe.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized clearing and counterparty credit guaranteed through CME Clearing
  • Access to unique tools for managing price risk due to weather
  • Global access to a broad array of futures and options contracts virtually around the clock via CME Globex

Weather Block Trades

    • Block Trades

About Weather

One-third of businesses worldwide are directly affected by weather conditions. These products enable you to manage weather-related risk while also offering opportunities to speculate — absorbing that risk in exchange for possible profit on weather variations. The products are based on a range of weather conditions in more than 47 cities in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia, with the hurricane products geared to nine U.S. regions.

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