• Electronic Confirmation for Cleared & Brokered Trades

CME ConfirmHub

    Effective February 25, 2017, CME ConfirmHub Portal and most features of the CME ConfirmHub API are slated to be decommissioned in order to simplify and harmonize CME Group's post-trade portfolio management capabilities. To continue to support trade submission and viewing, many CME ConfirmHub features will be transitioned to CME STP. Learn More about CME STP.

CME ConfirmHub is a CME Group service that provides electronic access to brokered trades and cleared transactions.

  • Allows brokers to send trades to multiple trading firms using a single connection and standard format.
  • Offers both a Web application and an API designed to assist brokers, exchanges, and trading companies in the verification and reconciliation of trades.

Key Features

Built-in Confirmation Workflow

  • Verify and/or reject trades for customers’ middle office
  • Resubmit rejected trades
  • Broker checkout for traders
  • Customer reference number updates for middle office
  • Data mapping
  • Workflow notifications via API

Electronic Confirmation Delivery

This program provides the ability to communicate trade status with all brokers and CME by using up-to-date single format confirmations.

Capabilities include access to a Trade Portal with dashboards, live confirmations, and workflow management tools. The tool also features a simple API and email confirmation delivery.

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