OTC Package Clearing

Our efficient OTC package clearing solution, which allows you to clear strategies that use multiple swaps via package trading, is now available.

We have worked to build a solution allowing you to execute transactions that have typically been executed as a single transaction, to clear as a package of trades on an all-or-none basis.

CME Group OTC Clearing offers the most efficient way to clear package trades, including 24-hour, real-time clearing with instant verification on order status, a proven efficient clearing model, which leads to reduced risk of trade rejection and a follow-the-sun client support team to assist with any issues.

On November 11, the first packaged trade cleared at CME Group, with multiple buy-side clients, swap dealers, and clearing members now taking advantage of this innovative solution.

CME Group's OTC Package Clearing Solution offers many benefits, including:

  • Reducing the risk of trade breaks by offering the clearing of multiple swaps as a single package on an all-or-none basis (instead of each leg individually)
  • Enabling clients and dealers to transact curve trades and butterflies more easily on SEFs
  • Allowing clearing members to evaluate risk more efficiently
  • Supporting of a Package ID that can be used to track package trades from execution to the CME cleared trades.


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