U.S Midwest Domestic Hot-Rolled Coil Steel Futures and Options

  • 7 Dec 2011
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: Metals

The global steel market consists of thousands of companies and hundreds of products that together represent one of the largest commodity markets in terms of value after crude oil. Steel market participants are exposed to volatility in prices all along the production and distribution chain - in terms of raw materials, transportation, fabrication and the steel market itself. Hot-rolled coils (HRCs) are among the major finished steel products, accounting for 40 percent of U.S. sheet steel production. Each day, liquid and transparent futures markets successfully help mitigate price risk in a wide range of markets - including energy, precious metals, agricultural products, currencies and interest rates - and CME Group will bring the same advantages to steel with U.S. Midwest Domestic Hot-Rolled Coil Steel futures and options.

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