Iron Ore, Steel, Coking Coal, and Dry Freight Futures

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The ferrous metals market, the second largest commodity market by volume after crude oil, includes iron ore, steel, coking coal, and dry freight futures. CME Group’s ferrous metals futures and options offer risk management opportunities for these vital global commodities across the supply chain in tandem with changing industry structure and demands. 

Backed by $8 billion of financial safeguards through CME Clearing, our suite of ferrous metals and related products are traded over-the-counter and cleared through CME ClearPort, ensuring payment is made according to agreement.

Key Service Features

  • Financial Settlement
  • Margin offset across the metals product suite
  • HRC options to maximize your price risk hedging flexibility
  • Extensive list of clearing firms available to open customer accounts
  • Effective hedging mechanisms for mining companies, steel mills, steel service centers, distributors, merchants and end-users

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