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Portfolio Margining

Savings up to 90% – Cleared OTC IRS and Interest Rate Futures

Three examples of initial margin savings achievable for swap spreads

Each scenario has a short position of 1000 10-Year CBOT Treasury Futures and a DV01 equivalent receive fixed swap position (or long Deliverable Swap Futures) position.

Separate Margining at Competing Clearing House
Treasury Futures Leg Margin $1,100,000
Swap Leg Margin $3,299,395
Combined Margin $4,399,395
IRS Portfolio Margining at CME Group
Cleared OTC IRS and Treasury Futures Margined Together $1,905,332
Total Savings from CME Group $2,494,063 (57%)
Portfolio Margining with DSF
Deliverable Swap Futures and Treasury Futures with Spread Credits $1,181,900
Total Savings from CME Group $3,217,495 (73%)



  • CME CORE – Calculate portfolio margining savings of Cleared OTC IRS and Interest Rate Futures


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