U.S. Treasury Futures and Options

U.S. Treasury futures and options provide a wide variety of market participants around-the-globe with the ability to adjust their interest rate exposure. Futures and options on 2-Year, 5-Year and 10-Year Treasury Notes and 30-Year Treasury Bonds are key tools for those who wish to manage their interest rate risk, as well as those who wish to take advantage of price volatility. Among the most liquid products in the world, U.S. Treasury futures and options lend themselves to a variety of risk management and trading applications, including hedging, income enhancement, duration adjustments, interest rate speculation and spread trades. The average daily volume in Treasury futures and options has been as high as 4.1 million contracts a day1, with more than 90 percent of the futures traded electronically. The availability of U.S. Treasury futures and options on CME Globex further enhances the efficiency of trading these products, providing nearly 24-hour access for users around-the-world. This fact card will provide you with more information about these products and the contract specifications you need to trade.

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