Short-Term Crude Oil (WTI) Options

Short-Term Crude Oil (WTI) Options

Flexibility. Expanded trading opportunities. And a means of quick action in the face of world events and weather anomalies. You get all this — and more — with new Short-Term Options on WTI futures.

Contracts are available on each of five business days ahead, allowing risk mitigation for factors such as economic announcements, short-term market volatility, storage numbers and inter and intra product hedging.

Short-term options on crude oil provide:

  • A low cost, short-term option solution that can target specific nearby points
  • Daily expiration for up to five business days forward following the first cycle week
  • Alignment with standard strike prices and the standard front month futures contract
  • Financial settlement
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Key Facts

  • Available for trading on CME Globex and the NY trading floor
  • Clearing through CME ClearPort
  • European-style expiration
  • As each Short-Term Options contract expires, a new contract will be listed with a five-business-day expiration schedule. There are no short-term expirations on the day a monthly options contract expires or on holidays.


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