NYMEX - The Global Energy Marketplace

  • 22 Jun 2012
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: Energy

Trade the Global Oil Market at CME Group

This fact card provides an overview of CME Group's global oil markets.

CME Group offers the most extensive and liquid energy complex in the world, including our benchmark NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI), Natural Gas (Henry Hub), ULSD and RBOB Gasoline contracts that set the price for these resources worldwide. Additionally, our Brent and Oman crude oil contracts enhance our extensive global energy product portfolio.

NYMEX is the only exchange to offer around the clock access to all three oil benchmarks in one place:

  • NYMEX WTI, the world’s most liquid crude oil benchmark
  • NYMEX Brent, the European crude benchmark
  • DME Oman crude, the East of Suez benchmark

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