NYMEX Broker Rebate Program

NYMEX Broker Rebate Program

Participants in the NYMEX Broker Rebate Program must provide NYMEX with daily settlement data.

Data must be submitted to the NYMEX settlements team via spreadsheet. Failure to submit the data on 75% of days in any month will result in forfeiture of accrued rebates for that month.

This spreadsheet has been updated to include columns for Options strategy, Strip Term, and Underlying Futures Price.

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Populated files must be emailed to CMEIndicativeMarks@cmegroup.com by 4:30 pm ET each day.

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File Description

Column Column Heading Description
Column A Date Must be current day
Column B Product CME Product Code
Column C Tenor Day, Week, Month, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, CAL, etc.
Column D Option Strat Indicates what options strategy is being utilized
Column E Month Indicates outrights, weeklies, or dailies only.
For weekly contracts that cover two months, the month should reflect the month of the first day.
Column F Spread Months Indicates the months involved in the spread being quoted
Column G Spread Term Indicates the duration, in number of months, of the spread being quoted
Column H Strip Term Indicates the months involved in the strip being quoted
Column I Day Indicates the days of the month involved for daily or weekly quotes
Column J Year Indicates the year associated with the quote.
For quotes associated with spreads, the year should reflect the year of the first leg of the spread.
Column K Strike Indicates the strike price for the option being quoted
Column L Call/Put Indicates if the option being quoted is a call (c), put (p), or both (c/p)
Column M Und Future Px Indicates underlying futures price at time of trade
Column N Bid Indicates brokers bid price
Column O Ask Indicates the brokers ask price
Column P Mid Indicates the mid of the brokers bid/ask or traded price if no bid/ask