North America Power Options

Access a variety of North American Power options on NYMEX with CME Group, including monthly, yearly and average price options.

Key Benefits

  • Competitive execution fees – trade and save compared to alternatives
  • Single marketplace – manage power and natural gas exposure with greater margin efficiencies and convenience
  • Comprehensive Product Suite – Monthly & Daily futures available across North American ISOs, along with liquid Monthly, Yearly Options and new APOs.
Clearing CME Globex Floor CME ClearPort Product Name Subgroup Exchange Volume
PMA PMA - PMA PJM Western Hub Real-Time Peak Calendar-Month 50 MW Options Electricity NYMEX 100
6OA 6OA - 6OA PJM Western Hub Real-Time Peak 5 MW Calendar Strip Options Electricity NYMEX 0
PRT PRT - PRT PJM Western Hub Real-Time Peak Average Price Option 5 MW Electricity NYMEX 0
Trade Date: 17 Nov 2017 | PRELIMINARY


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