Market Outlook: Light Sweet Crude Oil (March 2011)

  • 17 Mar 2011
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: Energy

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WTI – Light Sweet Crude Oil – Remains Rooted in the Physical Market

This video interview examines the role of Light Sweet Crude Oil, also called WTI (an abbreviation of West Texas Intermediate) in the context of the challenging oil market in 2011. It also looks at why market participants flock to the liquid WTI futures and options offered for trading on NYMEX, a CME Group exchange, in volatile markets.

Topics Covered in Market Outlook: Light Sweet Crude Oil (March 2011)

  • The Relationship Between WTI Futures and the Physical Oil Market
  • How WTI Reflects Supply and Demand Fundamentals
  • Recent Changes in Worldwide Supply and Demand Fundamentals
  • Oil Supply Storage Data and WTI Pricing
  • The Influence of Recent Oil Market Volatility on WTI Prices

Bob Levin, Managing Director, Energy, Metals and Commodity Products at CME Group, is the speaker in this interview. The video is just under three minutes.