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Clearing CME Globex Floor CME ClearPort Product Name Subgroup Exchange Volume Open Interest
LO LO - LO Crude Oil Options Crude Oil NYMEX 184,722 2,674,129
LN LNE - LN Natural Gas Options (European) Natural Gas NYMEX 59,902 2,471,572
BE BE - BE Brent Last Day Financial (European) Options Crude Oil NYMEX 6,000 17,069
BZO BZO - BZO Brent Crude Oil Futures-Style Margin Option Crude Oil NYMEX 4,823 73,994
LO3 LO3 - LO3 Crude Oil Weekly Options Wk 3 Crude Oil NYMEX 4,161 0
LO4 LO4 - LO4 Crude Oil Weekly Options Wk 4 Crude Oil NYMEX 2,691 3,789
ON ON - ON Natural Gas Options (American) Natural Gas NYMEX 2,606 116,348
BV ABV - BV WTI-Brent Crude Oil Spread Options Crude Oil NYMEX 2,375 143,655
OB OB - OB RBOB Gasoline Options Refined Products NYMEX 1,704 28,905
AO AAO - AO WTI Average Price Options Crude Oil NYMEX 1,600 337,178
Trade Date: 18 Aug 2017 | PRELIMINARY

Note: Volume and Open Interest data is from the previous trade date. Preliminary data updates at approximately 9:00 p.m. CT and the final update is at 10:00 a.m. CT next business day.

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