Brent Crude Oil Futures and Options

Deep liquidity in NYMEX Brent gives traders the opportunity to transact in the world's leading energy marketplace and benefit from capital efficiencies when spreading against global oil benchmarks including NYMEX WTI, HO, and RB.

Key Benefits

  • BZ average daily volume (ADV) exceeded 120,000 contracts in November 2016
  • The NYMEX Brent CME Globex inter-commodity listed spread ADV was over 45,000 for November 2016
  • Listed spreads on CME Globex eliminate leg risk for inter-commodity spreads
  • Industry-leading margin efficiency and offsets - save over 80%
  • Brent Calendar Spreads are {color:red}one{color} tick wide out the curve
  • More than 25 Brent-related futures and options available to meet your hedging needs
  • Our new Brent option (BZO) with futures-style margining had over 59,000 contracts of open interest at the end of November 2016

Start Trading New Brent Crude Oil Options Today

In response to customer demand, CME Group now offers Brent Crude Oil options (BZO) with futures-style margining, which matches the prevailing Brent market convention.

Key Features:

  • Futures-style margined options premium is not paid until exercise or expiration
  • Fee waiver on BZO through the end of 2016
  • American-style monthly option
  • Exercises into BZ futures
  • 25 lot block threshold

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