First Movers in the CME Group Hosting Facility at 350 E. Cermak

First Movers in the CME Group Hosting Facility at 350 E. Cermak

Fixnetix offers hosting and connectivity

Fixnetix, a leading global provider of managed services, became the first service provider to offer hosting and connectivity to financial customers in the CME Group Hosting Facility. The Fixnetix presence will provide an efficient route to the global marketplace and offer customers more choice. Customers looking for infrastructure, market data, connectivity or hosting solutions can utilize Fixnetix expertise and technology to enhance their data center presence.

Internet Exchange launches point of presence (PoP)

In October 2014, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), a neutral and distributed Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam, opened its first PoP in Chicago with CME Group. Customers who connect to AMS-IX in one data center will be able to exchange Internet traffic with customers in another data center where AMS-IX is located. By providing this service, AMS-IX will help improve the connectivity, reach and performance of end-users.

Telecommunication providers establish carrier presence

Zayo Group LLC, Lightower, RCN Telecom Services and NexGen Networks Corp., major telecommunication providers, are now available for customers to connect within the CME Group Hosting facility and are located on the first floor. Customers can order a cross-connect to these carriers and obtain connectivity to other floors. CME Group will continue to develop the carrier presence in the CME Group Hosting Facility based on customer demand while maintaining its carrier-neutral, open access model.

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