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Pivot Inc., a CME Group company, provides powerful instant messaging software that drives profitability for thousands of customers in hundreds of buy and sell-side trading rooms.

Pivot solutions help customers manage instant message workflow, extract and organize relevant market information, and disseminate it efficiently – saving them time and money. With markets expanding and becoming more accessible around the world, the collaborative and technological needs of participants have become much more sophisticated. Pivot’s products are designed specifically to meet those needs via our powerful collaboration platform and liquidity management tools that can be tailored to the specific workflow of any market.

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International: +1 312 627 4498


AIM: support@pivotinc.com

Yahoo: Pivot360help

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Collaborative and Customizable Tools for Liquidity Management

Pivot 360: Helps users turn their message collaboration into transaction revenue through a suite of advanced message management, content distribution and integrated workflow automation tools
Pivot 360 with Instant Markets: Automatically identifies incoming quotes and indications, transforms them into data, and creates a customizable liquidity view called Monitor
Pivot 360 with Blast: Enables users to manage volume messaging to colleagues, customers, and partners instantly – saving time and driving performance
Pivot Connect: Leverages structured messaging integrated with the FIX protocol to transform simple text requests “b 50 ibm” into true, electronic orders that are seamlessly integrated with any FIX compliance platform


Pivot integrates seamlessly with all major message compliance and archival applications to ensure that trading rooms fully comply with the latest rules and regulations. These integrations include:

  • Global Relay
  • Vantage/Facetime
  • Live Office
  • Smarsh



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