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As the leading trading front-end, CME Direct is always being updated to offer you the highly configurable, features and functionalities you need to manage your front and middle office with fast, compliant trading.

The following features are new release updates and improvements to allow you to make the most out of your trading front-end.

For more details about these new features and enhancements:

Contract Links

Contract Links, now found throughout CME Direct, are OTC and CME Globex contracts highlighted to indicate they can be interacted with via a drop-down context menu, and colored to help differentiate between OTC, CME Globex and Staged contracts.

Context menu links allow users to RFQ the contract, analyze the contract in QuikStrike, or share via chat, among others. Available actions depend on the View and the type of contract.

Share Via Chat

New Chat functionality allows CME Direct users to share strategies with other Chat contacts. Users can share OTC and CME Globex strategies, as well as staged strategies not yet listed on CME Globex, which allows them to chat about a strategy prior to sending an RFQ to the market.

A Drag and Drop feature allows users to share items from any supported grid or view with a conversation in a Chat window. Alternatively, users can share those items using the new "Share via Chat" feature.

Market Activity Events

The Market Activity grid now allows users to set a minimum quantity filter on Trades, Blocks, and Crosses. 

Users enter a minimum quantity value in the Show Events field, and the Market Activity grid automatically filters the display to show only those events above the minimum value. Use the up and down arrows, or a mouse scroll button, to increase and decrease the minimum event value.

Customize Strike Increments

An enhancement to the Options (Calls/Puts) Grid allows users to configure their own increment between strikes so that a wider range of strikes can be displayed for an Option.

Configure Strike increments from the Options Grid Builder. In the Strike Increment field, enter an increment for one or more Selected Expiration.

Trade Confirm Pop Ups

CME Globex trade confirmation pop-up notifications have been enhanced in a number of ways. The notifications are now more visible and display more of the information, such as Clearing Account and TON. In addition, users can choose a location for the notification, and all subsequent notifications will display in that location.

Build Another Strategy

The Option Strategy Builder now includes a Build Another field that keeps the Strategy Builder opened and populated after submitting a Strategy.

Order Book Filters

New Order Book buttons allow users to quickly filter the display by order status.

Message Blasting

CME Direct Chat now allows users to blast messages to a specific group, multiple groups, or multiple contacts.

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