FAQ: CME Pivot

CME Pivot is a robust and reliable instant messaging platform built specifically for the financial and commodity markets. CME Pivot has been in use since 2004 in trading rooms all over the world; its robust and scalable architecture handles millions of messages per day.

CME Pivot features built specifically for traders and brokers include: group chat, message parsing, message blasting, CME Group market liquidity alerts, collaboration rooms, capabilities that enable customer compliance and most importantly, an open network.

Does CME PIVOT have its own Network?

Yes, CME Pivot has its own secure network, which we are committed to keeping as an open network so customers have a choice as to which IM platform is best suited to fit their needs. 

What does CME Pivot have that other providers cannot provide?

  • The industry’s leading message recognition technology (parsing)
  • Liquidity alerts on CME Group markets 
  • CME Direct integration for efficient clearing and price posting
  • Integration with other financial IM networks

Does CME Pivot have a mobile version?

CME Pivot Mobile will be released in Q4 2016.

How do I sign up for CME Pivot?

What is the cost of CME Pivot?

CME Pivot is free to firms and users who are interacting with CME Group commodity markets.  All other users will be subject to fees based upon message rates.  

What are the top features of CME Pivot?

Parsing, blasting, collaboration room, group chat, open network, CME Group market liquidity alerts.

Is CME Pivot federated or connected with other chat platforms?

CME Pivot is open to federating or connecting with all open messaging platforms. In the coming months we will be announcing partnerships pertaining to compliance needs and access to other IM networks that will greatly benefit the financial services community.

Is CME Pivot connected to ICE Chat or Bloomberg?

CME Group is dedicated to building a robust and open IM network.  Currently the ICE and Bloomberg networks are closed to external connectivity.

How do I continue to connect to my Yahoo buddies?

CME Pivot will continue to support the import of Yahoo buddy lists up until the Yahoo deadline, currently set as 5 August 2016. After that date it will not be possible to connect to the Yahoo network from any third-party application, including CME Pivot.

How does CME Group manage customer confidentiality regarding chat messages and contacts?

CME Group limits employee access to manage customer confidentiality.  For example, CME Pivot Support teams may have the appropriate access to provide administrative and troubleshooting services to support customers on the platform.

Are messages using CME Pivot encrypted?

All CME Pivot network traffic is encrypted both in transit and in rest.

CME Group has an execution tool called CME Direct, are there plans to integrate CME Pivot into this tool?

Yes, chat capabilities will be added to CME Direct in early Q4 2016. Integration with all CME Pivot users will be available at that time.

How does communication with the other chat platforms work?

Currently CME Pivot users can communicate with Microsoft Lync, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo.  We do not foresee that changing, except for Yahoo Messenger access that ends on 5 August.

What are CME Group liquidity alerts?

Liquidity alerts allow you to receive real-time IM notifications when trades are executed for CME Group agricultural, energy, or metals products you are interested in.

Does CME Pivot have an API?

Yes, CME Pivot does have an API for publishing messages to external counterparts as well as consuming incoming traffic and exporting to downstream systems.

What are the compliance capabilities of CME Pivot?

Our instant messaging platform enables users to automatically capture and archive all messages sent and received regardless of IM network. It also seamlessly integrates with the industry’s best-in-class compliance programs through our third-party partnerships. That means traders, brokers and other participants can message with confidence.

Is customer archiving of messages optional or mandatory?

It can be both. Customers have the ability to set their preferences and determine if message archiving is mandatory or optional for users across their firm.   

How long does CME Pivot retain records?

Per the customer's request, chat logs may be sent to the FTP site for retrieval for the customer's archiving purposes. These files can be generated in HTML or XML format.

Does CME Group house the server or does my firm need to house the server?

CME Group manages the server.

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